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    How do I place an order with CDFX
    You may place an order online over the Internet or phone in your order.  To see how
    easy it is to place an order online, please CLICK HERE.

    What is a CD business card?
    A CD Business Card is a CD-ROM that has been cut or molded into the shape of an 
    ordinary business card.

    How does it work?
    The CD Business Card fits in the inner circular grooves that are found in every computer
    CD-ROM. If considering a lap-top computer, it simply fits onto the player just as a normal
    CD-ROM does.

    What is the size of the card?
    The CD Business Card can be manufactured in a variety of shapes. To view the various
    shapes please select and click business cards or custom shapes.

    How much information can the CD Business Card hold?
The CD Business Card holds approx 50 MB of information (this translates into about
    5 minutes of video, hundreds to thousands of documents, 20 to 30 minutes of audio,
    virtually an unlimited amount of Internet links, and a lot more).

    What is the storage size of the CD Business Card Recordables?
    The recordable CD Business Card can hold 50 MB of up to 185 MB depending upon the
    size.  Click here for more information.

    What kind of graphic goes on the front of the CD Business Card? will put any graphic/text you want on the front of the shaped CD. This graphic
    can be up to five colors (i.e., 4 colors plus a white background). Simply make sure that
    the graphic to be placed on the shaped CD has been fitted to the appropriate shaped CD
    template. When the CD Wizard asks you to upload the graphic, just attach it and upload.
    Now you're done. It's that simple!

    Will I need special protective sleeves for the CD Business Cards? provides protective, clear packaging sleeves. While these sleeves are a good
    idea, they are not completely necessary. CD Business Cards, Shaped CDs and traditional
    CDs are generally scratch resistant.



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