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You've begun to realize that to be garage band requires a garage. You don't have one.
   That's all right. You don't have a car either. The world is waiting for your record according
   to your worthless manager, so you just spent a chunk of money recording all night,
   but now you have to decide between eating or making CD's. You're awfully hungry.

   Oh, your girlfriend has just given you two weeks to get the hell out.  


   Our MusicNow division has everything you need to get your music on the fast track
   at dirt-cheap prices. Plus we have the fastest turn times on glass master CD's,
   jewel cases, CD Covers, Posters and more. Check out our guaranteed lowest prices
   and top ten reasons for calling NMG today. (Hey, sell the record and she just might
   let you come back.)   View Top 10 Reasons why to use CDFX.

   How does this sound? 1000 glass mastered CD's in jewel cases, $0.79  


Qnty Price
100* $1.25
250* $1.05
500 $0.68
1000 $0.35
3000 $0.33
5000 $0.31
* Burned CD-R with digital, 4 color print.



Qnty Price
1000 $0.79
3000 $0.67
5000 $0.63



Qnty Price
500 $2.29
1000 $1.19
2000 $1.01
3000 $0.92
5000 $0.82



Qnty Price
500 $0.95
1000 $0.55
2000 $0.41
3000 $0.38
5000 $0.34



Qnty Price
1000 $1.19
2500 $1.07
5000 $1.03



Qnty Price
100 $0.58
250 $0.55
500 $0.49
1000 $0.30


Dress to impress

Set your CD/DVD apart from the competition with CDFX custom packaging solutions.  CDFX has the widest selection of custom CD/DVD packaging options anywhere. Click Here for more information.


CDFX CDWizard technology allows you to complete the entire CD replication ordering process right over the Internet.  The entire process only takes about 5 minutes complete.  You can even check the status of your order at anytime by entering your confirmation code into our order tracking system.  Simple, fast and affordable...Don't wait, Order Now!

Traditional CDs
Great Pricing, quick turn times and outstanding pricing... What more can you ask for?
CD Business Cards
Many Different selections to choose from.  Join the high tech revolution
and get yours today!

Shaped CDs
Want to set your CD apart?
CDFX has you covered with a large selection of custom CDs.

CD/DVD Packaging
A packaging solution for every occasion.  CDFX offers more
packaging option than anyone!

Ticket CDs
Take home more than just a ticket stub. Play these ticket CDs on your computer after the event.

With more capacity, you have more room for content. From
video to voice over, DVDs can hold everything you need.





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